WWE Superstar Rankings 2018

Helping to chronicle another year in the ring, 2018 Topps WWE maintains its role as the flagship wrestling set. A call up to the main roster has seen him typically putting over other wrestlers and struggling to find television time. The superstars of the WWE will invade Talking Stick Resort Arena for two straight nights next year when both Raw and SmackDown take place at the venue in mid-February.

WWE wages its wrestlers very well and this is the reason its wrestlers have been famous as richest wrestlers all over the world. No one was happier than me to see my favorite wrestler of all time, Kurt Angle, return to WWE last year. He launched his career in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) initially, where he was acknowledged by the ring name- The Giant.

Undisputedly one of the more popular NXT call-ups in recent years, Roode's transition to SmackDown hasn't been plain sailing—even with his run holding the United States Championship included. With AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura seemingly still not done when it comes to their feud for the WWE Championship, it points to a change in direction for D-Bry.

Lesnar is a five-time WWE world champion and has headlined some of the biggest events WWE has staged, including the most recent — WrestleMania 34. WWE Smackdown Tickets - Witness the pro wrestling ratings smash live in person. Jericho won the United States championship at Payback, meaning he was added to Smackdown Live.

Hopefully you'll also realize that what Raw has turned into (with much help from Nitro and WCW's institutional ineptitude) isn't what wrestling used to be, or what it currently is outside of WWE, or what it could be in WWE once again if the company returned to what has always worked in pro wrestling.

In 2017 Released ECW wrestlers where are they now Reigns featured in more WWE events than any other wrestler. After winning the United State Championship last December, he gave his WWE career another lease of life but still stayed away from the thick of action and eventually gave up the belt. The 16-time world champion doesn't have a match on the card, but is expected to call out The Undertaker at some point.

By the late ‘90s Raw was airing live every week from NBA and NHL arenas in major metropolitan areas; other than set changes and an upgrade to HD cameras a decade ago, the crowd shots of a 1998 Raw and a 2018 episode wouldn't look that different. With Triple H winning the Royal Rumble match and WWE Championship two years ago, and Goldberg walking into last year's WrestleMania as Universal Champion, it's certainly not that far-fetched.

Beneath the main event scene of Steve Austin, the Rock, Mick Foley and the Undertaker (the first three of which combined all-time promo skills with fantastic in-ring work, and the latter of which is the single most protected character in the history of wrestling) you had a large class of wrestlers who couldn't step up to the next level due to Raw's steady diet of inconsequential matches and bad comedy.

With the sinister Paul Heyman guiding his career, The Next Big Thing” won the King of the Ring tournament and beat The Rock to win the WWE Title — becoming the youngest WWE Champion in history at that time and the fastest rising star sports-entertainment had ever seen.

WWE has a history of mistreating women and making a spectacle of their bodies as in the '90s, there were women matches where the losers used to be stripped down to their underwear. The only problem is that the standard of the Raw main event scene is so high.

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